DODO tools brochure for teams

Tools Brochure For Product And Innovation Teams

We developed a collection of tools to aid product, digital and innovation teams, as they work to bring competitive products to their customers

Empathy Map

Empathy Map

The empathy map is a tool that helps you visualise and share what you understand about your customers.

Effort impact matrix tool

Effort-Impact Matrix

The Effort-Impact matrix is a decision-making tool that helps companies and teams save time and make the most out of resources.

Decision making tool

Mountains and Valleys

Mountains and Valleys helps you have structured sessions that deliver clear next steps to accomplishing tasks and tackling problems.


Innovation Sourcebook

The Innovation Sourcebook is a tool that is used to organise products, services and systems that have been successful in the market.

Trend matrix tool, free tools

Trend Matrix

The Trend Matrix is a tool used to track how trends and external forces can affect Technology, Business, People, Culture and Policy.