Season 1 | Episode 2 – An Overview: Design and How It’s Used in Business (with Tommaso Martucci)

On this episode, Tommaso Martucci from Indeed-Innovation shares from his experience on how businesses have been able to use design as a means to innovate and why the design process is a great strategy business leaders can leverage on.


In this episode, we had an interesting conversation with Tommaso Martucci, an Innovation Manager at Indeed-Innovation, a Design and Innovation company based in Hamburg, Germany.

Tomasso has had years of experience in Design and Innovation, having consulted for various companies across various continents, Tommaso comes with great insights around design and its value to businesses.

Tommaso shared what he sees as the value that design brings to a business. Speaking to how it influences employees’ mindsets within their organisation. Sharing how those influences the way people see things.

In his own words, Tomasso describes empathy in design as  “giving a heart to Tin man” (from the wizard of Oz). He expressed his view this way because to him, it helps companies see things the way their users and customers see their products, offerings or gaps.

Listening to this just gives you amazing insights on how you can use design to improve your offerings.