Season 1 | Episode 6: How Businesses Can Use Business Design to Guarantee Product Success (with Tommaso Martucci and Jabbo Gehring)

On this episode, Susan and Thomas had a chat with Jabbo Gehring from Fjord Berlin and Tommaso Martucci from Indeed-innovation Hamburg, on how businesses can use Business Design to guarantee product success.


In launching a new product, there are a lot of things to consider to guarantee that the product becomes successful upon entering the market. What people don’t look out to validate is if the solution will be accepted by the customers.

Sometimes this product fails not because they do not address a need but because of the way they are offered. You find that product execution is a very important phase in making sure a product is successful but for that to be done the product team must be able to understand how the target customers of whom they are building for will have the product presented to them, in terms of use case, look and feel. A great way to identify these things is by testing the product with customers you want to sell to.
Together with Jabbo Gehring from Fjord, Tommaso Martucci from Indeed Innovation and the co-hosts, they discussed the opportunities that design can bring to improve the probability of a product succeeding in the market. The four touched on Service Design, Business Design, and other important aspects that can guarantee your product’s success when launched.

This conversation breaks into modules areas businesses looking to develop a new product can consider for success.