A conversation with Adriana Ruiz, Founder Agami Studio

In this incredibly enlightening conversation, Adriana Ruiz shared how companies can combine Design and Innovation to create great services that impact businesses, people and planet.

Stephanie Batliner

A Conversation with Stephanie Batliner, User Experience Designer, BBC

We had an interesting conversation Stephanie Batliner a User Experience expert at BBC. She shared thoughts about the value of design, gave some insights why she enjoys working at the BBC and talked about her side hustle in design.

Giangranco banner Innovation circle

A Conversation with Gianfranco Zaccai, Founder Continuum/ Foundation for Augmented Intelligence

Susan Onigbinde the Founder/ CEO of DODO Design Agency and Gianfranco Zaccai Founder Continuum/ Foundation for Augmented Intelligence had a conversation on how businesses can leverage tough times to birth innovative solution

Innovation Conversation with Lola

A Conversation with Lola Cardoso, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer at Union Bank PLC

“I believe innovation is about creating, capturing and delivering value to stakeholders – these could be around solutions to your customers’ articulated or unarticulated needs. Innovation needs to be authentic to succeed.”

Valentina Salvi

A Conversation with Valentina Salvi, Senior Service Designer, Accenture Interactive

A well-designed service system should enable a combination among actors, resources, and processes able to deliver strong value to the end-users, which is easier said than done.

A Conversation with Tosin Faniro-Dada, Head of Start-ups at Lagos Innovates

“The first thing businesses should do is have an innovation strategy that describes the direction and desirable future state of the company.”

Innovation Conversation with Robin

A Conversation with Robin Jadkowski Consultant at Kobold

“Most people have the impression purpose is a thing that’s located in your heart or that it is connected to the deeper meaning of life. While that is true to some degree, purpose design in business means something different: It is the compass for your organization that drives your business into the right direction.”

Innovation Conversation with Robert Skrobe

A Conversation with Robert Skrobe, Dallas Design Sprint

“If you’re going to approach a client with a solutions-first approach, you’re going to lose.”

Innovation Conversation with Jon Kolko

A Conversation with Jon Kolko Partner, Modernist Studio

“Design Strategy is about creating and presenting an optimistic vision of the future. It’s a north-star: a direction in which to aim.”

Innovation Conversation with Laolu

A Conversation with Gbeminiyi Laolu-Adewale, Head, Innovation Strategy and Commercialisation at Guinness

“Business leaders will drive innovation by encouraging openness and diversity within their teams. This enables team members to be free and unbiased in their assessment of business situations.”

Innovation Conversation with April

A Conversation with April Anazodo CEO & Co-founder Metamentis

“To stay ahead in an era of global market disruption, business leaders not only need to innovate, but also build a creative culture that enables their teams proactively drive innovation.”

Innovation Conversation with Sabrina

A Conversation with Sabrina Goerlich, Innovation Facilitator, Design Sprint Studio

“Innovation is at the same time a mindset and natural behaviour.”

Innovation Conversation with Kaan

A Conversation with Kaan Turnali Global Senior Director, Enterprise Analytics SAP

“If we think of design as a mindset, instead of an abstract concept, people and processes become the primary focus of innovation, while technology plays a secondary role”

Innovation Conversation with Chris Wan

A Conversation with Chris Wan, Strategic and Experience Design Specialist

“The simplest advice to improving product or service experiences is for companies to have regular contact with their customers and to start this as early as possible.”

Innovation Conversation with Victor, innovation manager

A Conversation with Victor Orie Ononogbu, Innovation Manager MTN

“I believe the cliché that the largest room anywhere is that for improvement. A trophy is a quick rush to death – keep moving, and that is what innovation is all about.”

Innovation Conversation with Faiz

A Conversation with Faiz S. Hussain, Founder of Creation + Practice

“Innovation means something different to everyone who uses the term. It could be the opposite of tradition – something completely new – it could be the recontextualisation of a product or service to a new market, or the bundling or decoupling of services as they stand.”

Innovation Conversation with Michael

A Conversation with Michael Mureithi, Group Head of Digital & Data at UAP Old Mutual Group

“One of the ways we factor our customers as we drive for innovation is by focusing on truly understanding the need of customers and the emotive drive behind it.”

Innovation Conversation with Supermart.ng CEO

A Conversation with Gbolahan Fagbure, CEO of Supermart.ng

“When I think about innovation, I see it as thinking of new ways of doing things, trying to enhance processes, being more efficient and effective.”

Innovation Conversation with Scott

A Conversation with Scott Boylston, Sustainable Design Expert and Social Entrepreneur

“People hear the word innovation, and they immediately think: iPhone, AI, VR, etc.”

Innovation Conversation with Ayo

A Conversation with Ayo Bankole Akintujoye, Head of Strategy Consolidated Hallmark (CHI) Group

“Any innovation that does not address that larger part of the Nigerian population may only be scratching the surface of the addressable market in Nigeria.”