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How Collaborating With Customers Can Fuel Innovation

If you are a regular traveler by air, especially in and through Europe (or even if you don’t travel), it’s certain you are familiar with KLM.


Innovation Success Story: Toyota Thriving by Innovation

Toyota, is know as one of the most valuable brands in the world today. They have been at the forefront of innovation. They have quite a number of ways that they’ve been able to stay ahead that you can learn from.

4 Ways to Inspire and Drive Innovation Within Your Organization

To successfully drive innovation within a large company, there needs to be a process starting from an innovation strategy that spreads into tactics that different stakeholders can carry out.

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Intrapreneurship: How Big Companies Build Successful Startups from Within.

Intrapreneurship has been a great way global companies have been able to nurture their innovations from within. In this article we explore how big companies are guiding internal startups to become successful entities on their own.


Applicable Lessons In Design Thinking For Technology Products

There are interesting ways in which we can apply Design Thinking in building amazing technological products. On this article we share lessons from the Global Senior Director, Enterprise Analytics at SAP, Kaan Turnali.

Innovation Success Story: Learnings from Our Article on Coca-Cola

We share key learnings from Coca Cola which we wrote an in-depth article on. We share learnings from The Coca-Cola Company.

Swiffer Products

The Swiffer Success Story

The story of Swiffer is a huge testament to the relevance of design to business growth and product innovation. For companies seeking to innovate, design processes are critical to helping the team properly understand and define great opportunities that can be leveraged for business growth.


Innovation Success Story: A Case Study of Coca Cola

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to some that Coke has also been a leader in innovation. From branding and marketing to product and customer experience, Coke has led the way for brands in bringing new, competitive solutions to market, even beyond Consumer Goods.

Becoming Curious

Becoming Curious: How Innovation Begins

Curiosity is an important characteristic of innovators because it motivates one to question facts and assumptions. When questions are asked, we are made to think differently about a service or product. Contrary to some opinions, innovation isn’t something new, it could be new, but the unique value innovation brings is that it simplifies or improves on an already existing challenge that could either be articulated or unarticulated.

Design Research

Design Research and Its Impact on Product Performance

In Simon Sinek’s popular TEDx talk, he said, “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” He further goes on to explain the immense value businesses and customers can gain if their ‘why’ can clearly be identified and communicated. “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” […]

Team measuring innovation success

How To Measure Innovation In Your Company

Being creative goes beyond simply stating that your company is creative; it means building a culture and work environment that allows creativity to thrive.

Learn to design better product

How Tech Companies Can Design Better Products for Market

Design Research is a user-focused method to gaining information of your customers, through human-centred design processes, to inform your product build. It seeks to discover your customers’ behaviour patterns, drivers and needs.

Innovation conferences

Top 10 Innovation Conferences To Look Out For In 2020

Innovation conferences have proven to be one of the richest sources of inspiration for professionals looking to create more innovative solutions within their teams and organizations, for profitability and higher returns on investment.

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Discovering the Value for Your New Offering: A Look at the Offering Viability Tool

In developing a new product or service, there is always a need to get an understanding of the value to be gotten for the business. This value derivation might not necessarily be precise but will be based on established economic facts.

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Tools You Need for More Productive Meetings

Meetings are very important for any business to exist, however, they could also be a major time killer, especially if there are no results to show for all that meeting time.

Innovation sourcebook

The Innovation Sourcebook: Finding Inspiration from Successful Products in the Market

There are many ways you can get inspired in launching your new venture or improving on an already existing one. The innovation sourcebook serves as a means to gather various inspirations in one place to help you as you innovate.