Season 2 | Episode 9: How Large Companies Should Leverage Innovation Duality for Business Growth (with Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr)

Dr. Ralp-Christian shares indepth knowledge what dual innovation is all about.


In this episode Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr, a Corporate innovation expert, shares indepthly what dual innovation is all about and how large companies can scale up using this innovation system. He goes further to share how companies can transform their exploratory units of their business into one that is well integrated into the core business.

You can get a copy of Dr. Ralph-Christian’s book (co-authored with Frank Mattes) here.

Season 2 | Episode 8: How to Leverage (IoT) Technology to Design Better Customer Experiences (with Julia Doll)

Julia talked about the Internet of Things (IoTs) and how companies can leverage to improve on the experience for customers.


On this episode, we spoke with the Head of Innovation and Uplift at Vodafone, Julia Doll. Julia talked about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how companies can leverage to improve on the experience for customers. She also shared opportunities for partnership with startups that are offering services or products around the use of IoT devices. This episode promises to be a very informative one. Do enjoy!

Note: Julia Doll and her team at Vodafone are always looking out for entrepreneurs with promising ideas seeking to leverage the IoT technology to scale. Reach out to Julia here.

Season 2 | Episode 7: The Role Design Research Plays in Product Market Success (with Susan Onigbinde)

On this episode, Susan shares the role Design Research plays in ensuring products are successful in the market.


Season 2 | Episode 6: How Trends Play a Role in Making Corporations More Innovative (with Lola Pedro)

The African Regional Director of Trendwatching, shares the importance for companies, however large or small to monitor trends.


On this episode, Lola Pedro, the African Regional Director of Trendwatching, shares why it is important for companies, however large or small can monitor trends to help them better meet their customers needs. She also was gracious enough to share present trends that companies can leverage to drive growth.

To learn more on this trends, do listen.

Season 2 | Episodes 3: How Global Companies Can Leverage Business Design(with David Schmidt)

David Schmidt, who is the founder and partner at United Peers shares from his vast experience in Business Design


On this episode we had an interesting conversation with David Schmidt, who is the founder and partner at United Peers. David shares from his vast experience in Business Design. He explains the opportunities global companies can leverage on for growth.

He touched on how global companies looking to act on their ideas can leverage business design to ensure their ideas are properly executed.
To find out more, do listen to this amazing conversation.

Season 2 | Episodes 2: How to Make Large Organizations Innovate Through Collaboration (with Jesper Müller-Krogstrup)

Jesper Muller the CEO of NOSCO shares an amazing strategy used by his team to help companies drive innovation within their processes for business growth.


On this episode, Jesper CEO and Founder of Nosco, share with us on how companies can innovate from within by collaborating with team members from various departments. He shares reasons why internal collaborations among team members are important for companies looking to innovate around their offerings.

If you are considering how you could improve on the innovative culture within your business, then this episode is meant for you.

Welcome to Season 2: Breaking Down How the Process of Product Management Leads To Product Innovation (with Babajide Soyebo)

On this episode, we have Babajide Shoyebo, the Product Manager at Workforce group. He shares with us his experience helping a global company build and mange their digital products which brought in great returns to his organisation. He also talks on how a greatly managed product can birth great results with exciting returns to show.


On this episode, we have Babajide Shoyebo, the Product Manager at Workforce group. He shares with us his experience helping a global company build and manage their digital products which brought in great returns to his organisation. If you are developing a new product or are thinking of a great way to innovative manage your products, then this episode is definitely one you should listen to.

Design and Innovation Podcast Season 1 Finale

It has been a really interesting season and we sure had a lot of things to learn from it. Listen, as Susan takes us through the season, pointing out noteworthy areas from the entire season. Plug in your earphones to find out what they are.


Susan Onigbinde sums up the entire season into insightful bites that you can quickly learn from. She shares her thoughts and learnings from the various conversations we have throughout the season, highlighting key areas that stood out for her and how you as well can implement those learnings into your company.

We have really enjoyed all the conversations we’ve had with experts from all around the world, sharing the relevance of design to business growth and innovation. We are eager to begin the new season and we are sure you are as well.

We have come to the end of the first season of Design and Innovation Podcast but there’s more to come. Stay tuned to Design and Innovation Podcast.

Season 1 | Episode 12: How Design Boosts Productivity in Companies (with Douglas Ferguson)

We had an interesting conversation with Douglas Ferguson, President Voltage Control, an Innovation agency based in Austin Texas. He shares from his experience, unique ways companies can be come more productive in their meetings and other strategic sessions.


We had a chat with Douglas Ferguson, the President of Voltage Control and innovation workshop agency based in Austin Texas. He shares how companies can practically become innovative in every aspects rather than just say they are or desire to be innovative. He also pointed out other teams and companies that are being proactively innovative. Thinking of new ways and concepts they can improve on their products.

He also shares ways on how businesses can avoid innovative slumps that usually happens after an innovative solution is conceptualised. 

He took the conversation further by sharing with us how design can help teams boost their productivity, touching on the aspects of team meetings and internal processes.

Season 1 | Episode 11: Improving on your Customer’s Experience to Drive Growth (with Vi Nguyen)

Vi shares with us how she has been able to use design to improve customers experience speaking from her time in a financial institution to having to work for the Swedish Space Agency.


On this episode Vi Nguyen talks on how companies can start designing products and services that creates an amazing experience for their customers/users.

Vi share’s the importance of creating a memorable experience for users, sharing various experiences from establishing a user experience department in a financial institution to working for Swedish Space Agency.

She shares how businesses can explore the combination of physical and digital product/services to improve on their customer experience. 

Also an expert practitioner in Business Design, Vi shares the value businesses can derive for themselves and customers if they can infuse User Experience with Business Design. Pinpointing areas businesses can use in measuring the impact of combining both practices.

Season 1 | Episode 10: How Large Companies can use Design Methodologies to Succeed (with Marcel Rossouw)

Marcel Roussouw is the Group Director of Fjord South Africa. He shares the value Design can have when used to develop a strategy on how a product or service is introduced in the market to gain consumers adoption.


Marcel Roussouw is the Group Director of Fjord South Africa. He shares the value Design can have when used to develop a strategy on how a product or service is introduced in the market to gain consumers adoption.

He also shares ways business leaders can get involved in the design process, finding new ways they can deliver on their promise of value to their customers. Marcel paints the picture of design as a tool large organizations can use to understand complexities that may stand as a challenge to their survival as a business.

Lastly Marcel was able to touch on the role of design in shaping the future of business in Africa.

Season 1 | Episode 9: Building Solutions that Delivers Value to your Employees and Business (with Sarah Christine)

Here’s another interesting episode with Sarah Christine Deloughery. Sarah is a Design Thinking expert and team lead digital at 2BM an Information Technology company based in Denmark.


Most companies when developing a product tend to give most of their attention to the customers, neglecting the employees and staff who also have a major part to play in delivering an offering to customers.
Some companies, on the other hand, go all out to purchase new gadgets for their employees to assist them in their daily tasks without first considering if there is a need for these products by their employees.

Sarah Christine is a Designer and IT consultant who helps teams build User- centric SAP solutions. She shares with us ways in which she approached designs for her clients, also noting out important areas businesses should look out for if they want to create innovative solutions that improve on the value for their customers, employees and business.

Season 1 | Episode 8: The Value of Design Sprints to Product Teams (with Steph Cruchon)

Steph Cruchon, the founder of Design Sprint Ltd. shares the benefits of Design Sprints to businesses.


The Design Sprint is a 5-day process used to prototype and validate concepts aimed at addressing business challenges.

In this episode, we have a great conversation with Steph Cruchon who is the founder of Design Sprint Ltd. A Design agency geared at helping businesses conceptualize, prototype and test solutions before they are launched into the market.

He shares the amazing benefits Design Sprints bring to various companies, sharing how the results and impact can be measured by those looking to organize these sprints within their companies. 

Steph also pinpoints some major benefits Design Sprints can have in your company, one being the means by which you infuse innovation as a culture practised at scale all through the departments of your company.

This is one of those conversations you hear and immediately want to practice them with your internal team.

Season 1 | Episode 7: How PepsiCo Created A Culture Where Design And Innovation Thrives (With Mauro Porcini)

On this episode, Susan and Thomas talk with Mauro Porcini the Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo one of the biggest Food and Beverage company in the world.


Pepsico is a leading food and beverage company in the world, making billions in revenue. They have existed for decades now. How have they remained relevant to customers? How have they developed new products and platforms that have helped keep customers over the years? That’s what led to our conversation with Mauro Porcini.

Mauro Porcini is the Senior Vice-President and the Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo global. He shared with us how C-suite executives can lead innovation and design within their companies. Sharing from his experiences from 3M to his present position as the Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo.

His conversation with the Design and Innovation Podcast team brought clear insights to us going forward and those insights prove to be great nuggets that business leaders and product teams can apply to what they do, if they want to have a chance at competing on the same level as Pepsico.

Season 1 | Episode 6: How Businesses Can Use Business Design to Guarantee Product Success (with Tommaso Martucci and Jabbo Gehring)

On this episode, Susan and Thomas had a chat with Jabbo Gehring from Fjord Berlin and Tommaso Martucci from Indeed-innovation Hamburg, on how businesses can use Business Design to guarantee product success.


In launching a new product, there are a lot of things to consider to guarantee that the product becomes successful upon entering the market. What people don’t look out to validate is if the solution will be accepted by the customers.

Sometimes this product fails not because they do not address a need but because of the way they are offered. You find that product execution is a very important phase in making sure a product is successful but for that to be done the product team must be able to understand how the target customers of whom they are building for will have the product presented to them, in terms of use case, look and feel. A great way to identify these things is by testing the product with customers you want to sell to.
Together with Jabbo Gehring from Fjord, Tommaso Martucci from Indeed Innovation and the co-hosts, they discussed the opportunities that design can bring to improve the probability of a product succeeding in the market. The four touched on Service Design, Business Design, and other important aspects that can guarantee your product’s success when launched.

This conversation breaks into modules areas businesses looking to develop a new product can consider for success.

Season 1 | Episode 5: Design’s Impact on Business so Far and What to Expect in the Future (with Susan Onigbinde and Thomas Osume)

Design and Innovation Podcast Hosts talk about the change in the business world as design is welcomed increasingly across companies.


Susan and Thomas, did a run through of products and processes that have been created using the design approach to create amazing experiences for customers while still addressing their needs. 

They discussed various companies that have been able to infuse the design process into their company culture which has had mouth watering returns when compared with their peers. 

As we see from the Mckinsey Design Index (MDI) these companies who infuse design in their process have grown in terms of revenue and their total returns to shareholders. This points to the value that design brings to businesses who can properly incorporate it into how they operate and serve their customers.

In summary they talked on past episodes in which teams and businesses can learn and grow their business from.

Season 1 | Episode 4: What Global Companies Should Know About Design (with Chris Do)

Chris Do, Emmy award-winning designer and Founder of globally known Futur platform, shares insights on design, talking about how creatives need to learn more of the business side of design and how global businesses can leverage design to succeed.


We talked about some misconceptions of design in a chat with Chris Do, a well-known face in the Design world. 

We talked about how design is beyond just logos and aesthetics. He shared how companies can approach product development based on the design approach. 

Chris shared on the creative economy, explaining that designers who are able to understand the business side of creating things have an edge over designers who don’t.

He also highlighted key ways companies can birth effective solutions, giving a clearly thought out means by which global businesses can develop products that their customers will love.

Chris encourages businesses to trust their designers in creating their brands and experiences, trusting in their direction, even as they produce unique results that become of great value to the business.

Season 1 | Episode 3: How To Leverage Sustainable Design To Grow Business (with Scott Boylston)

On this episode, Scott Boylston a Sustainability Design Expert, speaks on the opportunity’s businesses can leverage using sustainable innovation.


Scott Boylston is the Graduate Coordinator of Design for Sustainability at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). A key advocate of Sustainable Design, Scott Boylston shares with us on how companies can adapt sustainable design in their product development processes.

The concept of sustainability consists of three main aspects which are economic, environmental and social which could also be seen as profit, planet, and people.

Sustainability is one area that people and companies need to consider while they seek ways to meet their present needs. This is so important because if it isn’t considered, it will have a great impact on future generations. Rising temperatures, lower water levels, these have been some of the results of not being responsible enough to consider sustainable means of meeting human needs.

With businesses now considering sustainable means of production more than ever before, Scott shares insights that various companies and brands can adopt in ensuring global preservation while still meeting the expectations of their stakeholders.

Scott took the time to go into details about sustainability, sharing with us a framework in which we could use when designing for sustainability. Here’s a link to the framework.

Season 1 | Episode 2 – An Overview: Design and How It’s Used in Business (with Tommaso Martucci)

On this episode, Tommaso Martucci from Indeed-Innovation shares from his experience on how businesses have been able to use design as a means to innovate and why the design process is a great strategy business leaders can leverage on.


In this episode, we had an interesting conversation with Tommaso Martucci, an Innovation Manager at Indeed-Innovation, a Design and Innovation company based in Hamburg, Germany.

Tomasso has had years of experience in Design and Innovation, having consulted for various companies across various continents, Tommaso comes with great insights around design and its value to businesses.

Tommaso shared what he sees as the value that design brings to a business. Speaking to how it influences employees’ mindsets within their organisation. Sharing how those influences the way people see things.

In his own words, Tomasso describes empathy in design as  “giving a heart to Tin man” (from the wizard of Oz). He expressed his view this way because to him, it helps companies see things the way their users and customers see their products, offerings or gaps.

Listening to this just gives you amazing insights on how you can use design to improve your offerings.

Season 1 | Episode 1: An Overview on How Design Became a Strategic Tool for Businesses

We talk on how design emerged from being just an aesthetic tool, to a strategic tool driving growth in various companies across the world.


Design has become an important tool for businesses seeking to be leaders in their various industries. We have seen how global brands like Apple, Uber, Airbnb, Google have been able to use design to improve on the value offered to customers.

Susan and Thomas trace back in time to how design became established as a process in which businesses used in discovering new opportunities to enable them meet customers needs.

 We examine the design approach to business, sharing from popular examples that gives you, the listener a clear understanding of how you can apply this approach to your business to enable you identify customers needs and how your customers will best enjoy the experience of your product offering.

Plug in your headphones, press the play button, and get in on the conversation on how you can apply the design process as an approach to be able to compete better at the same level in terms of product delivery as other fortune 500 companies using design.

Introducing Design and Innovation Podcast

Design has gone beyond aesthetics. Design is no longer limited to paintings and crafts done with paper and ink.


Design has gone beyond aesthetics. Design is no longer limited to paintings and crafts done with paper and ink. Design has also become a means to improve on general experiences people have when they interact with a product, service or process. Businesses who have deliberately used the design process for their business have really benefited from it.

At DODO we desire to teach these principles (Empathizing, Experimentation and Expansive Teaching) to businesses through conversations and interviews we have with Designers like us from all over the world. These Designers share their experiences using design to improve on offerings either for their internal processes or for clients.

This particular episode is only an intro into the deep values in which we hope to unearth by conversing with experts around Design and Innovation.